Needed Packages

ProteanOS currently has few software packages. This page lists software that ProteanOS should eventually provide.


Perl 5 (perl)

Perl 5 is a language interpreter, especially popular in systems administration and software build and installation systems.

Unmodified Perl 5 source is impossible to cross build without executing software on the host system (in GNU Autoconf terms, the system for which the package is built). For more information, see this mailing list thread and the work by Neil Williams for Debian.

Ruby 2.5 (ruby)

Ruby is a language interpreter with an easy to learn syntax, used for many different projects and is one of the most popular languages.

Python 3.7 (python)

Python is an easy to learn language and like Ruby is used in many different projects like: Game Development, Web Servers and even Console Programs.

GNU Autoconf (autoconf)

GNU Autoconf generates configure scripts that are used to configure software packages for building.

Depends on: perl

GNU Automake (automake)

GNU Automake generates files that are used to build software packages.

Depends on: perl, autoconf

GNU Bison (bison)

GNU Bison is a general-purpose parser generator.

It is an optional dependency of Gawk.

Depends on: perl


Lua 5.1 (lua-5.1)

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language interpreter.

In progress

LuCI (luci)

LuCI is a free, clean, extensible and easily maintainable web user interface for embedded devices.

One or more makefiles may need to be patched to support cross compiling.

There are lots of embedded code copies under contrib/; some or all of these (e.g. uhttpd) should not be built.

Depends on: iptables (packaged), lua-5.1, maybe more